Room Questions
Yes! However, for everyone's safety, an emergency key is available to exit the room at any time.
Our Cabin Caper Room does include seating. Team members may sit as needed during the escape experience.
Our Cabin Caper Room is not designed to be scary in any way, but rather will be an entertaining challenge for your problem-solving and teamwork abilities. Our room is a rather large space with high open ceilings to easily accommodate 10 people and still have room to breathe!
Booking Questions
$30 per person, includes all transaction fees. Contact us at support@pittsburghescapeartists.com to book your private party, with a minimum of 8 people required.
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Yes! Please contact us at support@pittsburghescapeartists.com to book your private party. Please include preferred time/day and the expected number of guests to help us plan your next team-building event or private party.
Everyone aged 14+ who likes games, riddles, puzzles, clues, and scavenger hunts OR who's just bored with the usual dinner and a movie routine.
This game is designed to be challenging, so those wishing to bring younger children will need to book the entire room. While there is no age requirement when you book the entire room, we would highly recommend not bringing children younger than 7 for your own enjoyment!
All you need for the escape room experience is a positive attitude and a sense of adventure. Bring your group of friends or meet some new ones. Personal belongings can be placed in the room with you for safekeeping but will not be needed. Smart phones can’t help you, smart friends might help you, but a desire to succeed will definitely help you!
We can make any room private just for your group. You just need to have 8 people, pick your room date and time and contact us. We will mark the room as private and give you a personalized unlock code that you can share with your group.