Escape Room Theme - Cabin Caper

Cabin Caper

You have 60 minutes to sneak into the Employee Cabin of your favorite resort - turned health and wellness facility - to find details of the Employee Only Party, secretly hosted nightly by the overworked and now underfed staff.

You must determine who is hosting the party, where it will take place and recover your confiscated snacks - all before you’re discovered.

Will you make it to the party on time? Or will you get busted? Book now to find out!!

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Whether you are looking for a unique gift for the guy-who-has-everything OR want to surprise your special someone with a decidedly-different-date-night, an Escape Room South gift certificate is just the thing!!

Definitely not your typical date night, family activity or team building event - Escape Room South creates an amazing escape experience that your gift recipient is sure to love!

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What is an Escape Room?

You and your team enter into a themed room. You then have 60mins to discover clues, solve puzzles, answer riddles, and manipulate contraptions in order to complete any assigned tasks and to ultimately unlock the door to your room and escape!! The fastest team to escape is given ultimate bragging rights... until their record is crushed by a new team!